An important element in my work is first creating a structure or strong texture that will lend something more organic and interesting to the composition. This element could be sand, molding gel, paper fibers, layers of gesso, crushed glass or anything that holds onto the canvas that will achieve this purpose. When this is complete, I start a layering process of color and shape with a close eye on the drying time; I want the bottom layers to show through to give the piece another dimension or depth.

When viewing a particular work of mine, you may see what looks like a seascape, desert scene, or perhaps a typical scene in the Great Basin area or the Badlands of Central Oregon. It also may remind you of a place you remember in your travels, or even a place within the area you live.  A lot of my work has a low horizon, using sky and clouds as a major design element. Even my more abstract work retains some kind of a textural and naturalistic touch. I have been told that there is a quality to my paintings that signifies either a hopeful beginning or a peaceful ending.

The abstract painter paints a mixture of conscious and unconscious material. I am often surprised how my paintings develop and how different they turn out from the original intent. If a certain painting resonates within an individual, it often stems from their experiences, memories, feelings, or sights they have seen. Through my work I hope to invoke good feelings and good memories for the viewer.

A Word About Abstract Art:

Abstract art is made to grab your attention and pull an emotional response from you. It makes you THINK and sparks the imagination. It can enable the viewer to create their own story. It is freedom from perfect shapes and lines, with more emphasis on interesting shapes, lines, use of color and texture. Freedom also from there being no right or wrong, as long as the design is good.

About The Artist


Mirror Pond Gallery Bend, OR
Aug.-Sept. 2002
“High Desert Visions”

Mirror Pond Gallery Bend, OR
“Holiday Show”
Dec. 2002

Mirror Pond Gallery Bend, OR
“Natural Abstracts” 2002

Mirror Pond Gallery
“Riverfest” 2003

Kebanu Art Gallery Bend, OR
Featured artist Dec. 2007, Gallery artist

Lahaina Galleries Old Mill District, Bend, OR
Featured artist “Holiday Art Walk” Dec. 2009, Gallery Artist

Gallery 903 Pearl District, Portland OR

Mollie Jurgenson – Biography

Mostly self-taught over the years, much of Mollie’s work has been greatly influenced by exposure to the outstanding landscapes and sky-scapes of the Pacific Northwest. Many of her paintings retain some kind of organic, atmospheric or recognizable shape for the viewer to focus on.  Artists that have influenced Mollie’s work include John Constable, Paul Klee, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Luc Leestemaker, and Richard Diebenkorn.

Mollie worked as an Artist in Residence for Central Oregon Arts in Education in the 1990’s teaching an archaeology-based program (Prehistory’s Mysteries) which focused on Native American Rock Art.
Her work has been exhibited in the Northwest over the last 20 years and is included in private and commercial collections across the United States.